Welcome Beta Testers! 

Thank you for accepting our invitation to participate in the Beta Test of the SWFL Business Directory platform before going live to our local community!

You have been furnished with a BETA CODE to create a ‘Featured Listing’ for FREE, and in exchange for that free listing, we would like you to complete a short survey about your experience after the Beta Test ends. 

We value your insight and suggestions regarding your experience while using the site to sign up, create your listing, and your broader overall platform experience. We will use the information you submit to improve the platform before launch. 

Upon completing the Beta Test & Platform Launch, we will form an Advisory Board to continue platform improvements from both business owners’ and consumers’ input. We hope you’ll continue to be a part of this growing community-focused project by joining the Advisory Board. 

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Our Mission

“To provide both SWFL Businesses and Consumers a comprehensive platform that connects the SWFL Community on a deeper, more local level of engagement during the good times and the not so good times.”

SWFL Business Directory isn’t just another sales tool; it’s a business protection plan! We know firsthand how devastating natural disasters, national quarantines, or mandatory shutdowns can affect a business. Especially those in SWFL.  And that is the real reason why SWFL Business Directory was developed.  With the power of our sister site, SWFLOnlineNews.com, to aggregate information from all our local television stations, Chambers of Commerce, local official notifications, and others, we can provide a more detailed and congruent list of resources and information.

SWFL Business Directory has the ability to turn on all features to all accounts, therefore, giving every business the ability to Live Chat, direct email communication, directly update their profile on the directory with pertinent information and then share to their social media profiles, which in turn also helps direct people to the directory to find the information they need from all locally registered businesses,  and ability to accept payments (future feature) from their Directory Profile in the event of a POS loss or they don’t have the ability on their websites.

During Critical Events:





Marketing is crucial to BUILDING BUSINESS, but being connected when disaster strikes is crucial for STAYING IN BUSINESS.  

Only SWFL Online directory can give you Security and Community Connectedness during a disaster or critical event. And that’s in addition to the benefits of all those bells and whistles of reviews, social media feed following, and SEO-rich search placement. Did we mention all of this is included in EVERY membership at a fraction of the price of what you get with the other guys?

Our Goal Is To Provide…

Fair Search Algorithm

Our Search Engine is not driven by an algorithm that rewards reviews, stars, or paid search placement. This provides a fair search for every business on the platform.

Community Connectedness

A platform exclusive to SWFL Businesses that is more deeply connected to the community than your regular social media & directory platforms (Yelp!, Facebook, Angi, etc.).

Real Business Value

We offer a platform with many of the same Features that other platforms charge $30-$120 Per Month at a fraction of the cost! Thus offering greater exposure for local businesses to local buyers.

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