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Welcome Southwest Florida Business Owners!

Elevate Your Visibility, Engage with Customers, and Grow Your Brand While Strengthening Community Bonds.

Discover the extraordinary connectivity and vibrant community of SWFL Business Directory. Experience impressive features like customer reviews, social media integration, and enhanced local SEO. Forge strong bonds with your local audience and boost your business’s visibility. Benefit from our affordable, all-inclusive package that delivers exceptional value without breaking your budget. Stay connected, build trust, and drive more traffic to your business with SWFL Business Directory.

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Demo Account – Glitter Posse Hair Salon 

Unlock a world of possibilities for your business as you explore this fully functional Demo Account. Discover a captivating Business Listing, an enticing BnB Rental Listing, and a stylish Marketplace Store. Experience the seamless flow from a consumer’s perspective, revealing endless opportunities and immense potential for you.

Just The Basic Facts...

Here’s how it works and what you have access to for your business. 

Use as much or as little as you need, the rest will be ready when you are.

A YELP style Business Profile
that includes all the premium
features you would expect.
Even your Google Reviews!

A local marketplace similar
to Etsy, where each
business can create their own
online store with products.

List your Events and collect
RSVPs, Sell Tickets, plus many
more features.

Our Platform Includes Great Features Such As...

More Tools That Help Grow Your Business...

SWFL Marketplace Storefront...

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Main Store Dashboard Overview ↑

A local marketplace similar to Etsy, where each business can create their own online store with products. You can display your store products directly on your Business Listing and add an advertising widget that links to your store.

Store owners get access to a rich frontend dashboard that allows easy management of product inventory including sales, orders, shipping and more.

Our commission model is more than fair at ??%, and your store payouts can be done via PayPal or ACH Bank Transfer. Minimum payout balance is $25, and payouts are executed weekly after the charge-back period is met.

Storefront Features...

Individualized customizable online store that store owners can tailor to suit your needs.

Store owners are able to get a real time overview of your store finances with break downs of earning in reports right on your dashboard.

Store owners are able to easily manage orders and get notified on new orders, list by filters, status, add notes for tracking and more.ntent

Store owners can easily make withdrawals via PayPal or Bank Transfer upon reaching the set minimum amount of $25.

Offer Storewide discounts or issue coupon codes for Fixed Cart Discount, Percentage Discount, and Fixed Product Discount.

Store owners can create variations on a product simply from the frontend.

Multiple products can be edited at the same time with this feature, be it product status, allocating discounts and more.

Store owners can manage their shipping rates with dynamic settings, and use popular shipping solutions for delivery.

Store owners can create shipments with tags so that customers can track their product’s shipping status.

Customers receive notifications with every order detail and status change from our system as you process their orders.

Real Reviews That Matter...

Google Reviews

You can now showcase your excellent reviews to potential customers all in one place! Additionally, we've made it easy for users to leave you a review directly from our platform. This means you can grow your reputation conveniently and seamlessly.

Local Reviews

Our Local Review platform offers reliable reviews with pictures to boost your business's reputation. Respond easily to these reviews to build relationships with customers. Trust us to showcase your services and give your business positive exposure.​

Powerful Community Events Calendar...

List Your Events

Use this powerful community calendar to list your events, fundraisers, concerts, festivals, and more. It features an easy to use front-end event submission form that includes Event title, description, date, start + end times, feature photo, venues and organizers. Manage event RSVP and Tickets sales right from your dashboard.

Sell Tickets

Increase revenue potential for your Events by Selling Tickets! Each ticket has its own price, stock, and SKU. You choose when sales open and close. Instant online purchasing and QR Code check-in provided easy on-site event management.

We GUARANTEE An Incredible Business Dashboard Experience!

The dashboard offers an exceptional user experience with its intuitive design and comprehensive set of features. The main dashboard serves as a central hub, providing a clear overview of your activities and important notifications. It allows easy navigation to various sections, ensuring efficient management of your bookings, messages, and listings. The “My Bookings” section enables you to effortlessly make and manage bookings for your personal needs, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. The message center serves as a convenient communication platform, allowing you to interact with customers and address their queries promptly.

Moreover, the “Bookings” section is dedicated to bookings made for your business or product, providing you with a comprehensive view of upcoming appointments, reservations, or orders.

The “Wallet” section simplifies the payout process via PayPal or Bank Transfer(ACH), ensuring you receive your earnings smoothly and securely. With the “My Listings” feature, you can effortlessly manage your product or service offerings, making updates or modifications as needed. The “Statistics” section provides valuable insights into your performance and helps you track key metrics to enhance your business strategies. Additionally, features like “Coupons,” “Reviews,” “Bookmarks,” and “Your Profile” further enhance the user experience, allowing you to offer discounts, gather customer feedback, save preferred options, and personalize your account settings.

Overall, the dashboard combines functionality, convenience, and a user-friendly interface to deliver an incredible user experience.

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Join SWFL Business Directory for Seamless Connectivity and Community Growth.

Join SWFL Business Directory today and unlock the power of seamless connectivity. Elevate your business’s visibility, strengthen community bonds, and seize opportunities for growth. Together, let’s create a vibrant business ecosystem in Southwest Florida that propels your success.

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