Welcome Southwest Florida Business Owners!

Our Mission

“To provide both SWFL Businesses and Consumers a comprehensive, fun, and easy to use platform that connects the SWFL Community on a deeper, more local level of engagement during the good times and the not so good times.”

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Elevate Your Visibility, Engage with Customers, and Strengthen Community Bonds.

Join SWFL Business Directory for Seamless Connectivity and Community Growth.

SWFL Business Directory goes beyond the ordinary to provide you with exceptional connectivity and a thriving sense of community. Alongside a host of impressive features like customer reviews, social media integration, and enhanced search engine optimization (SEO), we offer you an all-inclusive package at an incredibly affordable price.

At SWFL Business Directory, we understand the importance of staying connected in today’s digital landscape. Our platform creates a seamless connection to your local community, enabling you to forge strong bonds and enhance your business’s visibility. By harnessing the power of SWFL Business Directory, you can easily reach and engage with your target audience, increasing your chances of success.

Experience the benefits of our customer reviews system, which boosts trust and credibility in your brand. Stay connected with your customers through social media integration, allowing you to share updates and promotions effortlessly. And with our focus on SEO, your business will enjoy prominent placement in search results, driving more traffic and potential customers to your doorstep.

Unlike other providers who charge exorbitant fees, SWFL Business Directory offers you exceptional value without straining your budget. Our inclusive package ensures that you have access to all the features you need to thrive, without any surprise costs.

Join SWFL Business Directory today and unlock the power of seamless connectivity. Elevate your business’s visibility, strengthen community bonds, and seize opportunities for growth. Together, let’s create a vibrant business ecosystem in Southwest Florida that propels your success.

Our Goal Is To Provide…

Fair Search Algorithm

Our Search Engine is not driven by an algorithm that rewards reviews, stars, or paid search placement. A fair search for every business.

Community Connectedness

A platform exclusive to SWFL Businesses that is more deeply connected to the community than your regular social media & directory platforms (Yelp!, Facebook, Angi, etc.).

Real Business Value

We offer a platform with many of the same Features that other platforms charge up to a $120+ Per Month at a fraction of the cost!

SWFL Business Directory Features

Business Listing Include The Following Features.

Business Name

Your Business Name

Business Logo

Your Business Logo

Business Address

Your Street Address

Business Location

Location by County & City

Business Description

Give potential customers more information about your business. Up to 1200 words.

Business Email

Your business email, so customers can contact you.

Phone Number

Your business phone number so customers can contact you quickly.

Website Address

Your business website address for fast interaction.

Business Category

1 Main Category and up to 3 Sub-Categories

Business Tags

Descriptive tags better help customers find you. (Up to 12)

Business Hours

Inform visitors in the best way possible to when your businesses are opened and closed.


Pricing of services and products by unit or amount.

Feature List

Entice visitors by listing your businesses features and services.

Customer Reviews

Receive and respond to reviews by verified customers directly on your business listing. No deceptive algorithms used here!

Claimed Badge

This prominently displayed badge lets potential customers know that the owner has claimed and manages this business.

Listing FAQs

Use an organized FAQ section on your directory listing and provide quick information to help customers make a potential decision.


LiveChat allows the visitors to contact business owners immediately and easily. It makes the business more credible as customer satisfaction increases notably.

Image Carousel

Present up to 12 images in a nice and organized slider across the top of your listing. These are the first images your visitors will see.

Image Gallery

Image galleries allow you to add up to 24 additional images to help highlight your listing.


83% of consumers are more likely to be converted to customers when businesses use branded video.

Contact Form

Get direct messages from customers to your preferred business email inbox.

Interactive Map

Show your listings with the interactive maps and make your business more visible. This allows your customer to retrieve directions directly to there device.

Social Login

Offer a single-click login option using Facebook or Google, making it easier for customers to login and interact with you.

Auto Renewal

Never worry about your Business Listing Expiring. You will receive at least two emails letting you know your renewal is near.

Select Your Plan

Annual Listing
$249.99 Per Year

Monthly Listing
$24.99 Per Month

Features In Development & Coming Soon

We will keep you informed as to the release of these new and exciting features.

Coupons (Coming Soon)

Create greater customer engagement by offering Coupon and Discount incentives to your customers.

Booking (Coming Soon)

Time slots let providers set availability time of their respective services, allowing users to pick their desired time for booking using built in calendar.

Mobile App (2024)

Android and iOS apps are both currently in development and will be coming soon!

Gamification (2024)

Animated and Interactive user experience to help promote and drive user engagement on the platform.

Digital Marketplace (TBA)

Sell services and products directly from your Business Listing.

Job Board (TBA)

The ability to post job ads for positions available and receive job applications.

In Development Planning

We are currently exploring several options on how to best implement these features into our platform. We will definitely keep you up to date.

Google Reviews

Your Google Reviews imported into your directory listing profile.

Yelp Reviews

Your Yelp Reviews imported into your directory listing profile.

Experience Survey Form

If you’ve received a DISCOUNT CODE to create a FREE  ‘Annual Listing,’ in exchange for completing the “Your Experience Survey,” please click the button to tell us about your experience.


We value your insight and suggestions regarding your experience while using the site to sign up, create your listing, and your broader overall platform experience. We will use the information you submit to improve the platform as we grow. 

If you are interested in joining our Advisory Board to continue platform improvements from both business owners’ and consumers’ input.

Advisory Board Members receive special promotions and discounts for their time and participation.